Letters to My Tutor…

My dearest Simone,

It’s been a while since the post on soda drinking. I feel a bit removed from that discussion at the moment, but I will say a few things. The white people in group one could only socialize with black people who agreed that white culture defined normal or certainly that white norms superseded nonwhite norms. It appears that in California, propaganda surrounding immigration issues strongly encourages this view.

It’s unlikely that I will take classes over the summer, so I hope to interview people about their cross-cultural experiences here in California. I will be thinking about my minimum goals on that front (Conduct X number of interviews over the summer — that sort of thing). I’ll talk some more about my experiences in Mississippi, too.

This past week I’ve been lost in thought about my most recent semester of study and planning my summer math and chemistry review and kick start for the next semester.  I should have more to say on this topic soon, too!

Yours ever,