Over the next year, I hope to develop a useful set of strategies that I can apply to future years of self-study. My core plan for this year of study in anthropology will consist of reading one review a week from the Annual Review of Anthropology. I have survey-type textbooks covering various fields of anthropology for general reference along with other additional sources. Apart from these I will be mostly dependent on what I can find at the public library. And, of course, I have the interwebs.

The Annual Review of Anthropology lists reviews under five main headings: archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistics, regional anthropology and cultural/social anthropology. In choosing the reviews to read over the coming year, I want examples from each discipline. My choices will likely skew toward cultural anthropology and away from regional studies. I’m interested in the regional reviews, but I think they are better suited for later study.


I’m not an anthropologist.  However, if I were to pursue graduate study, I would strongly consider anthropology.

My brain is muddy.  I hope reading more and writing more will capture clarity as my brain readjust to a non-medicated existence.

There’s this sense of accountability with writing online even if no one reads.   I suppose online writing has just been defined as such.

I would like to interview students and professionals in anthropology and everyone else.  I’m not sure when I’ll pursue this more vigorously.

I’ll get back to you.  Soon.