I hope to return sometime this year.  I’ve been writing some, but not publishing.  And, I’ve been moving forward on interviewing and making videos.  I’ve had busy semesters and the current one is no exception, but I will squeeze in the time for a post or two.

It seems that my mind and body determined that I needed a more substantial break, so I’ve been doing some reading.  About a week ago I finished Richard Wright’s Black Boy.  I made some notes comparing Wright’s Mississippi to the Mississippi in which I grew up.  I also found comfort in some of the parallels between Wright’s experience of moving from the south to Chicago and mine moving from the south to California.  I’m still working through some thoughts on this, but I will definitely post something.

I’m almost done with the redesign of this site.  I hope to finish this week.  And though I didn’t get in my first interview in July, I am still working on that.

So, new things coming soon.

Letters to My Tutor…

My dearest Simone,

Taking the week off… well, not really.  I’m working on the re-design of this site and a couple others.

Will be back next in a few weeks.


Still working on redoing the layout….

Through an unfortunate series of events, I deleted the style sheet for this site.  So, I have to redo it.  At this point, I’m not sure whether I want to redo the design I had up originally or just do something else.  Perhaps I was too tired/distracted to be at the computer.