Letters to My Tutor…

My dearest Simone,

I haven’t talked a lot with California locals about how they deal with cultural conflict. I hope to conduct interviews in this area that may help me gain a better understanding. In Mississippi and the South generally conversations about race and racism and cultural difference were common place. Either I don’t know how to start those conversations in California or they just aren’t happening as much or both. One of the first women I met in California was a traditionally-minded middle class white woman. And while on the surface we seemed very different, our willingness to talk about differences made friendship a real possibility. My conversations with her may have unfairly raised by expectations for the level of cross-cultural dialogue in the area as I did not have an appreciation for how exceptional she was on this front. I want to find that good cross-cultural dialogue again. If I don’t take classes over the summer, I will definitely make this a summer project.

Yours truly,