Letters to My Tutor…

My dearest Simone,

I didn’t plan to post this week, but I had a quick note. If I get any takers, I will volunteer to tutor someone in chemistry and/or precalculus next semester. And in addition to the tutoring, I may be able to provide some math/physical science culture guidance. As regards both my professors, I felt very much like I recognized the types of teachers they were (demanding, but fair). However, reading through their reviews, I was left with the impression that many students may have misinterpreted some behaviors because they were unfamiliar with math/physical science culture.

For example, my first couple chemistry labs, I was feeling hesitant and unsure. I noticed that other students were asking to have their work checked in a certain way and I figured I would ask, too. I immediately recognized the tone, look, body language of my professor’s response to me. It was a vote of confidence that I could figure that out on my own. Reading through her reviews I got the impression that many students may have misinterpreted similar responses, and as a result felt more discouraged than warranted. I may be able to assist someone in clearing such hurdles.

And that’s the end of my quick note…

Yours truly,