Letters to My Tutor…

My dearest Simone,

I am looking to find more clarity on what I want to do next in anthropology. I could probably continue grazing forever, but that’s a good way to eventually lose interest in an area of study. I haven’t come up with a firm plan. I’m thinking that I will pick three to five areas to study in greater detail. Areas to which I am immediately drawn include symbols in archaeology, linguistics and theory. I don’t think I’m suited to study linguistics, but I will still look a little closer. I know that there are additional review articles on the these topics – I may finish out the year reading in those areas and come up with a new plan for the new year.

I also continue to work on a plan for my physics study website/blog. I am starting to get ideas for some of the short tutorials that I plan to post. I am reading one of the more popular physics textbooks for science majors and I have been taken in by the sense that this book was written for how I learn and how I approach problems and study. I will likely write more on this text on my physics study site. I won’t be able to take a physics class until the fall. I want to take full advantage of the wait time to get a good head start.

I will be taking a math class during the coming spring semester and I’ve started review for that as well. I’m undecided as to whether I will take a chemistry class, so for the moment my chemistry review is on pause.

I’ll do a mid-week update with the articles I plan to read during the rest of the year.

Ever devoted,