Engaging in self-study is a very stumbly process.  I’m grabbing at the corners of tables and squishing my fingers into the edges of seat cushions.  And I wish I didn’t know about falling down.

Reading an Annual Review article once a week is still a little difficult for me, but I continue to believe that it’s a good plan for surveying the field.  I’m getting a better feel for where my interests lie.  Here are the next five articles I plan to read:

Conversation Analysis
Charles Goodwin and John Heritage

Advances in Evolutionary Culture Theory
Cultural-Social Anthropology
William H. Durham

Groups that Don’t Want In:  Gypsies and Other Artisan, Trader, and Entertainer Minorities
Cultural-Social Anthropology
Sharon Bohn Gmelch

Philosophy of Science in Anthropology
Cultural-Social Anthropology
Abraham Kaplan

Professional Responsibility in Public Archaeology
Thomas F. King